World Language

Kenzie McManus- Spanish

Michael Bentley- Spanish/ Speech

Terese Quartier- French/ World Cultures

Hector Diaz- Spanish

Lin Sun Mohr- Chinese/ World Cultures

Performing Arts

Emily Alexander- Music/ Choir

Kimi Moon- Band/ Orchestra

Carolyn Warner- Drama


Susie Stewart- Technology

Scott Melanson- Technology

Philip West- Technology

Debbie Renaud- CRT/ ITS


Academic Success Team
What is the AST?

Sandra Garner- Dimensions in Literacy

Laura Pritchard- Dimensions in Math

Leslie Kalmon- ESL/ Literacy

Rose Walsh- Group Counselor


Fine Arts

Jackie Liggett- Art

Linda Tong- Art


Consumer Family Studies

Kim Avery- Consumer Family Studies

Conditioning and Wellness

Bill Wilson- Conditioning and Wellness