Student Council


Student Council is a group of 6th, 7th and 8th graders who represent the needs of, and serve the student body of Cimarron Middle School. Student Council leads through fundraising, school activities, and assists with school improvement. Students involved in Student Council model academic and behavioral excellence. The members that are elected serve for one school year.

During the second week of school, students interested in participating in Student Council will fill out an "Interest Form" to show they would like to join Student Council. The Interest Form is due by Friday, August 26th.

During the third to fourth week of school, Social Studies teachers from each team will review the interested applicants' forms and determine the top ten candidates from each team that will be their "team" representatives.

Once team representatives have been selected, students will be able to run for officer positions. These will be President (8th), President Elect (7th), Vice President (8th), Secretary (8th or 7th), and Treasurer (8th). These candidates will present their prepared speeches to the Student Council members who will then vote and elect the officers.