Member Resources


The application window is closed.
Faculty Council meets 2/24.
New members will be informed 2/27-3/3.
Induction ceremony is 3/7 at 5:30pm.
Selection for membership is determined by Faculty Council and is based upon outstanding scholarship, character, service and leadership. Membership is open to members of the seventh and eighth grade classes. Sixth graders will be considered for membership during the spring semester. Candidates must have been in attendance at CIMS for at least one semester. The scholastic requirement for membership is a combined grade point average of at least 3.73 in Content Knowledge and Work Habits. Early in February, when fall semester GPAs have been determined, those students meeting the GPA requirement will be invited to apply for membership. When applications have been received, the Faculty Council will meet to make NJHS member selections. Eligible candidates will be evaluated by the Faculty Council on the basis of character, service and leadership as evidenced on the Candidate Selection Form.
Note: An NJHS member who transfers from another school and brings a letter from the former principal or school advisor shall automatically be accepted as a member of the CIMS NJHS chapter in accordance with the National Junior Honor Society Constitution.


President- Coordinates NJHS activities, communicates with advisors, attends all meetings (both general membership meetings and officer meetings), runs NJHS meetings, fills in any missing officer positions, assists the treasurer in finances, and keeps up with which students are not meeting the requirements of and NJHS.

Vice President- Provides insight and knowledge about NJHS activities, aids the president, attends all meetings (both general membership meetings and officer meetings), and is in charge of keeping accurate member attendance.

Treasurer- Attends all meetings (both general membership meetings and officer meetings), helps keep records of money collected for service projects, helps make decisions with the other officers.

Secretary- Attends all meetings (both general membership meetings and officer meetings), keeps minutes of meetings, posts minutes on website, proof reads proposals made by officers, keeps minutes of officer meetings and posts them by providing copies for all officers and advisors by email.

Fundraising/Community Service Chair- works to support the school and community, writes down fundraising ideas that are put forth during meetings, keeps record of people signed up for NJHS functions, gives ideas, notifies those members who do not complete their community service hours and helps plan school and community events.

Historian- Helps update the website regularly with upcoming meetings and events, takes pictures of fundraisers and events and provides sponsors with pictures, advertises meetings and events, and posts NJHS pictures on the website.

IMPORTANT NOTE** Officers cannot be an officer of both Student Council and NJHS.


National Junior Honor Society's Five Values

Character (respect, honesty)

Scholarship (grades and attendance at school)

Leadership (effectively leading others in a good direction)

Service (helping others)

Citizenship (volunteering and participating in the community)
There are many opportunities to volunteer in our community. Thanks for helping out!